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Fortune Infraa is a leading player in West Bengal real estate industry. Everyone dreams to have their own home & and we help many of them to make their dreams come true. Experience a better standard of living with manor realty. We look after every aspect of real estate development and the construction process; from initiation to completion and after. Beginning with acquiring suitable land at the best location possible, our development process commences with concept design, design development, obtaining statutory approvals, construction of the project, marketing and sales and finally concludes with a handover of the property to the customer.

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Real estate activities with own or leased property. This class includes buying, selling, renting and operating of self-owned or leased real estate such as apartment building and dwellings, non-residential buildings, developing and subdividing real estate into lots

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One of the leading Real Estate brands in West Bengal

The company leveraged its rich insight into consumer preferences with customized property development.